Complete satisfaction – with no regrets

A selected list of our satisfied clients, the majority of which we have worked with for many years:

HQ Kunde DZ Bank Luxemburg
HQ Kunde DekaBank
HQ Kunde Deutsche Leasing
HQ Kunde LBS
HQ Kunde UBS
HQ Kunde Credit Suisse
HQ Kunde Targobank
HQ Kunde Lufthansa
HQ Kunde Pfizer
HQ Kunde Allianz
HQ Kunde PWC
HQ Kunde Roche
HQ Kunde Schweizerische Bundesbahnen
HQ Kunde Festo
HQ Kunde Zuercher Kantonalbank
HQ Kunde Swissbanking
HQ Kunde Schweizerischer Samariterbund
HQ Kunde Swiss Re
HQ Kunde Raiffeisen
HQ Kunde Geno Akademie
HQ Kunden Nycomed
HQ Kunde Nassauische Sparkasse
HQ Kunde Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken
HQ Kunde Heidelbergcement
HQ Kunde Doehler
HQ Kunde DZ Bank
HQ Kunde AOK
HQ Kunde Uniklinik Freiburg
HQ Kunde Stadt Hamburg
HQ Kunde Metro

Straight talk – what our clients think about HQ

For HQ, no two companies are the same. With each of our clients being a pearl for us. Top-class names which have succeeded in standing head and shoulders above the rest in their market thanks to their consistency and innovative strengths. And we are delighted that these brilliant market players have placed their trust and confidence in us again and again for so many years now. And placed their projects in our welcoming hands – and minds.

Our clients are our greatest honour

When you come to visit us at HQ, one thing you will not find – walls covered in awards and accolades. Not because we have never won any, but because here at HQ we prefer our range of excellent achievements to demonstrate our qualities to you, rather than a wall of glittering medals and prizes. So we hope the ungarnished list below of our latest awards and prizes is enough to convince. And of course we continue to diligently work on producing the next round of award-winning ideas and concepts – for you.

HQ Comenius Siegel Medaille 2015

After winning the 2014 Comenius EduMedia Seal for the "MyFalcon" emagazine on the onboarding of new employees at Falcon Private Bank, we were delighted not only to win the Seal yet again in 2015 for the "Hygiene in Healthcare" learning program, but the Comenius EduMedia Medal as well.

HQ eLearning Check 2016 und 2015

For the third time since 2011 and 2015, the HQ-Group has won the much-coveted award, permitting it to call itself the 2016 E-learning Provider of the Year in the individual content preparation area.

We won the "elearning Journal Award 2017" for the best storytelling approach. Realized in co-creation together with imc for PriceWaterhouseCoopers, we developed an agent-story-based programm with gamification elements for over 10 hours duration.