Over 30 years of­ HQ – and we continue to learn

Shaping the future of learning and communications – that was our aim. And it continues to be so after over 30 years in business. Which means that the challenge for us has been and always will be to find the best ways and means to convey knowledge in a thrilling and exciting manner using perceptive new forms of thinking and innovative concepts. As the impulse-giving facilitator between companies or institutions and the most important values they have: their people.


HQ could also be called EQ – and all of us would speak Japanese

The story of our name can be told in a few words: One of our company founders originally wanted to emigrate to Japan. Taking the Japanese "haiku" verse metre which he was studying at that time, he converted it into "HighQ", which was reduced in turn by almost all of our initial clients to "HQ". Trimmed down to our essence, this is exactly what we have concentrated on since then: Getting to the heart of specialist subjects and areas in an exciting way with a lot of emotional intelligence.

In this way for over 30 years here at HQ, many minds have thought into the future and helped to shape it with their complete hearts. And with great empathy and an incisive EQ, to place themselves in the position of an employer, target group or trend, so as to create amazing learning and development content as well as educative communication solutions. And to bring this to the point in a fascinating way every single time just like on the Japanese flag – with the circle now complete.

From pioneer to innovation leader

30 years HQ

On January 1st in 1988 occured the brand registration of HQ Lern-und Informationssysteme Sissach.


Comenius EduMedia Seal

For an innovative onboarding programme for apoBank HQ wins the Comenius EduMedia-Seal.


15 years "new HQ"

With the management buyout of the HQ Group by our own leaders on November 16, 2001 we celebrate 15 years of "independence"


Moving to the start-up center Wiesbaden

On November 04, 2016 we became a bit more innovative with our office in Wiesbaden.


New corporate design

Relaunch of the homepage, new CI/CD of the HQ-Group


Comenius EduMedia Medal & Seal

for the "Hygiene in Healthcare" learning program


Whiteboard effects

in a popup stage, short films


Provider of the Year

CHECK.point eLearning "Individual Content Production" customer poll


First emagazine

on the subject of onboarding


First cMOOC

for training specialists at Credit Suisse


Move to new Freiburg office

our new Creative Center in FR-Littenweiler, Freiburg


Comenius­ EduMedia Seal

for the emagazine "MyFalcon" on the onboarding of new staff at the Falcon Private Bank


Mobile learning­ format

„7 thinks you should know about…“


Comenius­ EduMedia­ Seal

for the "Certificate of Competence for Sales representatives" WBT for TARGOBANK


Interactive film

– you decide how the plot continues


Move to new Wiesbaden office

in our 330-year-old half-timbered building at Schlosspark Biebrich castle park


First mobile learning application

with the HQ Case Producer and the HQ Short Film Nuggets


Comenius EduMedia Seal

for the WBT "Well Nourished. On the Move."


"HQ popup stage" film format

– more than just a simple show


First learning app

"I behave" on the subject of manners and etiquette


Expansion of our agency business into the field of consulting


Provider of the Year

CHECK.point eLearning "Individual Content Production" customer poll


Beginning of the "Management in a nutshell short film series"


Opening of the Freiburg office


Comenius EduMedia Seal

for the eportfolio (first Learning Nugget project)


Executive development

with the "Management Development Programme" WBT series


European eureleA E-Learning Award

for the "magic 10 minutes" online sales training



with the Compliance Game


Move to our new office in Basel


Intermedia­ Globe Silver­ at World Media ­Festival

for the "Commerzbank New Sales Management" online game


IT Training Award for Blended Learning Concept

CBT and the "EVA & TOM" simulation for Commerzbank


Takeover of the HQ-Group

from Obtree Technologies by its own management


Following the management buyout

sale of the HQ-Group to Obtree Technologies


International CINDY­ Gold Award, USA

for the "FX Spectra" CBT


Pioneering work

"WBT" using the first Netscape browser for UBS
(from CBT to WBT)


Winner European­ Multimedia Award

for the "Manners – For Today" CBT for UBS and Dresdner Bank


Opening of offices in Hamburg, Munich and Amsterdam


Opening of the office in Wiesbaden


Worlddidac Award,­ Silver

for the "Introduction to the Principles of European Law" CBT


Sale of the HQ-Group

to Wolters Kluver, the Netherlands


"Communications, (Not) An Art" CBT


"Complaints as Opportunities" CBT


Silver Award of the IFCEB

for "The Bank Loan" CBT (first CBT production)


First learning program as a "video disc" on DVI boards


Founding of HQ in Sissach, Switzerland

with the task of integrating electronic learning material into the specialist training activities at a major Swiss bank