Learning Snacks for Allianz Global Investors

As Unit-linked insurance products (ULIP) will be a focus of Allianz Global Investors (AGI) distribution in future in several European countries ULIP sales by independent brokers have to be improved. The idea is to create an active and ongoing push learning communication for independent brokers that is scalable, replicable and adaptable to other countries. Allianz Global Investors wants to enable the sale of these products. The pilot project takes place in Belgium.

Based on principals of brain-oriented learning HQ developed an individual and fresh learning communication concept in form of learning snacks which enables brokers to learn bit by bit, easily and quickly. HQ also takes over the technical realisation of the new learning platform.

Visual characteristics are light and healthy snacks which generate appetite for more. What a joy: An interactive and understandable learning experience. Success showed up quickly – Allianz Global Investors noted a significant sale of Unit-linked insurances in Belgium only after a very short time period. Therefore, there are further snacks in progress.


Interest rates dropped to 0% and so did return of traditional life insurances. Clients have to realise that and have to look for alternatives. Unit-linked insurance products (ULIP) can be a way out. However, many brokers have little/no expertise in this field. Existing communication measures have only been selective and focus on the conversation with the client. The challenge is to get comprehension, acceptance and conviction for the product by brokers first and deliver support in client communication which finally enables a reliable, successful consulting.

The approach is based on a holistic and lasting learning and communication concept which “catches” learners at the right point and bundles measures into a campaign. The goal with the ongoing push-communication is to reach relevant target groups to improve the sales of the products and to build trust, knowledge and confidence. Learning media need to be replicable, adaptable and applicable for other national subsidiaries.

Hence there are the following requirements to the learning communication:

  • We have to provide content in a suitable form.
  • We have to be short, frequent and continous.
  • We have to be understandable for somebody who´s not an expert.


HQ developed a holistic learning concept including the technical realisation of a learning platform. The basic concept is followed by a detailed concept translating target group related storylines in ongoing learning communication measures. Didactical principles and building blocks for successful change have been observed.

For implementation blended learning comes into play. First brokers are invited to a regional sales meeting to inform them about the topic and the new learning communication. As a reminder, they get little snack tins with the campaign-visual. Advisors receive emails in the campaign-visual with new snacks regularly and can remember the messages of the regional sales meeting. The realisation as a digital, fresh and lively learning platform comes in a healthy snack design. It looks like a buffet. The topic is broken up in small, short and clearly understandable stages (“snacks”) with different media formats as animated video, interactive and scrollable PDF, One Pager and rebuttals. It´s a well-conceived learning and communication campaign to activate distribution partner and fulfil the needs of the target Group.

In a nutshell: A well thought-out learning and communication campaign to activate sales partner which fulfils the needs of the target group

Key features

  • Content-related & didactical input
  • Concept & realisation
  • Recommendation & evaluation of e-learning formats
  • Project planning & project management
  • Development of digital home (landing page)
  • Animated video
  • Interactive, scrollable One Pager
  • Interactive rebuttable
  • Learning in the sector of distribution
  • Digital sales training