e-Learning fascination of glass for SCHOTT AG

e-learning "fascination of glass" for SCHOTT AG

SCHOTT is an international leading technology concern in the subject area of special glass and glass-ceramic. With the experience of 130 years
of outstanding competence in development, material and technology the company provides a large product portfolio of high quality products and intelligent solutions. SCHOTT sets the objective to explain all employees
manufacturing processes and applications in an interesting way, that they understand the unique competence of glass of SCHOTT. Further they shall identify themselves better with the company and its products.
To reach this an e-learning with interactive media needs to be developed.


The existing continuing education program needs to be added with a new attractive training offer which addresses all employees. The target group includes all employees worldwide from production to sales. Something needs to be developed which satisfies different learning styles and forms. Beside knowledge transfer SCHOTT wants to awake interest and enthusiasm. To increase the geographical scope of the learning offer, a digital training is needed. Thereby the digital competence of the employees is promoted at the same time.


Within a co-creation process between SCHOTT and HQ realization ideas for an interactive e-learning are developed in the conception stadium. A visual film script supports the collaboration very well. So everybody gets an idea how it will look like in the end. The learning needs to become an intuitive, inspirational and interactive learning experience.
That is why a good user guidance (UX Design) and a visual attractive, emotional realization concept are considered.
Complex content is transferred in a sustainable, didactically
valuable concept. The program is multimedia supported by video, audios, animations and photos. The technical basis is HTML5 and CSS. The software is produced in responsive design and is available for all employees via desktop and mobile devices, so it is also available in production departments. It is structured as follows: after a short introduction the user can decide either first to choose module A „application“ nor to choose module B „manufacturing processes“. Due to a clear navigation, it is possible to change from one module to the other one at any time. If wanted, the user can navigate into detailed information in both modules.  Thus, high flexibility and completeness of information is guaranteed. The program ends with an optional quiz. The whole training is scrollable (it follows the approach of storytelling). Alternatively, the user can choose learning units via the menu.

A Trailer of the program, which is also produced by HQ, supports the global rollout communication. Additionally, posters are created and an article is placed in the employee newspaper.

After 4 weeks only, the training already gets 2200 cues. The internal comparison with other media shows a top ranking of this program.

Key features

  • Recommendation and evaluation of e-learning formats
  • Content and didactical input
  • Co-creation between SCHOTT and HQ in stadium of conception and realisation
  • Visual film script
  • Project planning and innovative project management
  • Videos, animation, audios
  • Interactive and scrollable one pager and alternative menu navigation
  • Storytelling and Infotainment
  • Onboarding of employees
  • Making learning a learning experience (via UX Design)
  • Complex product portfolio easy understandable
  • Responsive design (desktop and mobile devices)
  • Quiz to test learning content in a playful way