Festo Explainer Video ProFIT

Festo AG & Co.KG "ProFIT" explainer video

A tailored explainer video which outlines the benefits of the Professional Festo Industry Segment Training (ProFIT) program and is intended to serve as an introductory and explanatory video for the employees of Festo AG & Co.KG worldwide.


In the context of introducing a new global sectoral sales training measure, the Festo AG & Co.KG wanted to ensure that all of the training participants received the same information and introduction to the program to a similar extent. In order to provide the employees with exact details about acquiring special sectoral knowledge, the HQ-Group developed an explainer video together with Festo AG & Co.KG. By presenting the contents of the program, as well as the structure and the explanations of the backgrounds, the intention was to break down any potential scepticism and facilitate the internal communications.


With the help of the HQ-Group, a tailored short film was produced for the sales staff, intended to familiarise them with the processes and systems in ProFIT.

The visualisation for Festo AG & Co.KG was implemented in a classic popup-stage design. On the virtual stage, the main character Sam, an industrial sales engineer in a technology group, pops up out of the floor. Taking a consulting meeting with a client from the automotive industry as a basis, it is revealed the extent to which Sam checks his knowledge in advance using a training requirements analysis and subsequently deepens this with a training option tailored to his specific needs. Taking Sam’s case by way of illustration, the employees become familiar with the advantages of the ProFIT program within three minutes. As the training program was rolled out globally, the short film was produced in the following six languages: German, English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Brazilian Portuguese.

Key features

  • Explainer video in a popup-stage design
  • Personnel tool training
  • Multilingual (including Mandarin)