FPB eMagazin MyFalcon

Falcon Private Bank "MyFalcon" emagazine

In order to be able to have fast and efficient familiarisation of new employees with their work, the Falcon Private Bank has established network-supported access for their staff to the most important information about the company. With the help of these so-called "MyFalcon" modules, the aim is to facilitate new staff in their future daily routines at the bank.


Integrating new employees into their business operations represents a challenge for most companies. In order to provide their employees with the necessary information in a fast, uniform and efficient manner, the idea emerged at the Falcon Private Bank of facilitating their introduction to their daily work routines by utilising a web-based information page. In addition to examples from their daily work, the intention was to also reflect the bank’s image of itself and to convey an impression of the company to those who had no experience of it to date.


The web-based information page from the Falcon Private Bank entitled "MyFalcon", contains a wide range of already existing material and links from the bank and provides network-supported access for the new employees. Within 30 to 45 minutes, the new employees are able to inform themselves about their new daily routines using the electronic magazine format. And despite the short quiz at the end of it, this emagazine is not a classic information and learning program. Instead, experienced staff members convey their impressions of the company on the basis of five photo stories and videos. The aim here is not to provide dry facts and data, but rather to reveal the internal working atmosphere. Starting on the landing page, which is prepared in an elegant magazine style and with real images, the new employees can select subcategories dealing with their specialist areas and inform themselves about their content. This combination of animated sequences, videos, images and text ensures that the content is conveyed in a diverse and attractive way. In addition, the emagazine provides the company with a simple option to regularly expand, shorten or update content, while not however replacing its other information sources. In this way, "MyFalcon", works as an additional guide during the familiarisation period. In order to be able to check whether the users have internalised the working atmosphere at the Falcon Private Bank, they are able to head off on a fun trip around the world and ultimately test their knowledge on the basis of seven quiz questions.

Key features

  • Development of an emagazine
  • Attractive design
  • Didactic concept
  • Employer branding
  • Onboarding concept