SSB Communication Campaign

Communication campaign: post mailing, one pager, FAQ page

The Swiss Federation of Samaritans (SSB), the rescue organisation of the Swiss Red Cross, wanted to inform its federation members about a new training concept. Changes to the underlying statutory regulations on the first-aid training of lay persons represented the reason for the revision of their training courses. The trainers invest much time and energy (as lifeblood) in their first-aid training. The aim was now to honour their commitment here with the help of a multimedia campaign developed by the HQ-Group and to motivate the trainers to continue being a part of the Samaritans with their lifeblood.

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The Swiss Federation of Samaritans (SSB) utilised statutory changes to regulations as an opportunity to review and revise all of their training routes. While the changes remained within a manageable limit for the internal trainers, the changes for course heads who give first-aid courses to the general public were very comprehensive.

A corresponding three-language communication campaign was requested to accompany this change process, intended to familiarise the members of the federation and its partner organisations with the new changes and structure and to enhance their acceptance.

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In phase one, the HQ-Group prepared a communication concept. Two main target groups were identified in the target-group analysis: All of the members of the Samaritans and, within this group, the roughly 2,300 transfer candidates requiring motivation to complete mandatory additional courses. With both target groups, analysis was then conducted on how to explain the relevance of the subject matter and on how the acceptance of the transfer measures and the new training concept could be increased. During this phase, target-group specific key messages and suggestions for suitable media formats and communication channels were prepared.

In order to have uniform cross-media communications, the HQ-Group developed a central theme together with the SSB. Commencing with the qualities of a Samaritan, the motto they conceived for the communication campaign said everything in a nutshell: With Our Lifeblood. Demonstrating complete commitment with a passion and saving lives – this was the message that the Swiss Federation of Samaritans wanted to get out to their members: By learning the new training material with their lifeblood, by becoming course heads with their lifeblood and by being a part of it all with their lifeblood. With a heart in a polygon style selected as the key visual.

Taking the central theme they developed and detailed analysis work as their basis, the HQ-Group recommended that the Swiss Federation of Samaritans utilise the following media formats to implement their campaign: An unconventional post mailing to the transfer candidates, a topical online one pager on the new training options and a website with specific questions and answers on training issues (FAQ page) intended to reach all of the parties involved and familiarise them with information of relevance to them.

In order to reach all of the transfer candidates, this target group received post mailings. The trainers contacted by post had been conducting courses for years, but as a result of the changes to the law, they now had to complete additional courses and even obtain new certificates in some cases in order to be allowed to continue offering courses. The aim with the post mailings was to convey a higher esteem and regard for these members of the Samaritans and to motivate them to attend the transfer courses. To achieve this, a "blood bag" filled with strawberry juice was utilised, intended to provide them with new energy – exactly like the additional courses should do and in line with the "With Our Lifeblood" central theme – and at the same time as thanks for the lifeblood they have given in the past in the first-aid training area. The flyer enclosed with it provided short and concise information about the forthcoming changes for the transfer candidates and referred to the more detailed information on the one pager.

The heart of the communication campaign was represented by the topical online one pager. Designed in a clear endless-scrolling format, the new training concept was presented step-by-step on a website. Depending on their preferred training aim, the Samaritans could choose their specific "route" and receive detailed information on the individual stages in the related training. In addition, information on the various transfer options was provided for those who were already trainers.

In the event that questions and issues could still arise, the most important facts on the training options were summarised clearly on an FAQ page – yet again in three languages.

With the implementation of this innovative and target-group specific communication campaign, the HQ-Group made a decisive contribution to the successful change process at the Swiss Federation of Samaritans.

Key features

  • Accompanying the change process
  • Communication campaign
  • Target-group analysis
  • Multilingual
  • Multichannel
  • Multimedia