University Hospital Freiburg WBT Hygiene

Hygiene measures at the University Medical Center Freiburg

Complying with basic hygiene measures in hospitals is a crucial condition for preventing the spread of germs, together with the infections and any potential deaths caused by this. According to the state hygiene regulations in Baden-Württemberg, medical facilities are obliged to inform their complete staff each year about hygiene measures and the prevention of infections. The HQ-Group developed a solution here together with the hospital hygiene section at the University Medical Center Freiburg to raise the awareness for the required hygiene measures, which went on to win the Comenius EduMedia Medal. An explanatory short film and an interactive web-based training (WBT) illustrated the most important hygiene measures for protecting patients from the spread of germs – and that in a highly successful way.



By disinfecting hands correctly, both the patients and staff in a hospital are protected from the transmission of countless germs. For which reason, refreshing the knowledge about this and further important measures on hygiene and the prevention of infections is an essential requirement. In order to convince the hospital staff about the need to consistently implement hygiene measures on a daily basis, our innovate learning program, which has won the Comenius EduMedia Medal, provided the help and support they needed.


So as to illustrate that regular and thorough disinfection of hands prevents the spread of germs, the HQ-Group developed together with the University Medical Center Freiburg a learning program that conveys basic aspects of hygiene, which was visually attractive and specifically tailored to the staff in medical facilities. Colour pigments emerging in an explosive cloud as soon as a human hand comes in contact with germs, matched by a zoom in on the hands and dramatic music – all of these elements were intended to awaken the medical center staff to the dangers here. Thanks to the use of holi-colours and parallex effects, HQ succeeded in conveying the everyday contact situations and routes through which germs and viruses spread – and that in a frighteningly good visual way. With the staff now enthusiastically fulfilling their duty thanks to the vivid presentation.

In addition to the short film, which served as an innovative introduction to the subject of basic hygiene, the HQ-Group also developed an interactive, didactic web-based training. Despite having to reduce the content here, the staff were able to click through a virtual desktop and gain more in-depth information on an individual basis using the "hygiene management" body of knowledge. In this way, the staff were required to process more information beyond that in the obligatory part, with sufficient time remaining for further specialist advanced training. Which proved to be a motivational addition or alternative to classroom seminars.

Key features

  • Development of a short film
  • Preparation of a web-based training (WBT)