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Three fertile competence areas to achieve a rich harvest in your specialist fields

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Our key competencies represent our motivation and drive: By approaching our work and our specialist fields with passion, curiosity and pleasure, we are continuously learning. And doing so, our aspiration is not only to further develop ourselves, but the world of learning as well. Keeping this aim in clear view ensures that we consistently create innovative learning and development solutions, together with excellent educative communications. With the result that in all three key competence areas we repeatedly surpass our own ambitions here. Ensuring that you our client continues to enjoy the rich rewards from our work in the future as well.


Early adopter and guardian of values

Locating and integrating that which is new and safeguarding that which has proven itself: This is a challenge we face each and every day here at HQ. As neophile – or in other words, lovers of innovation – developers of solutions in the fields of learning and development as well as in educative communications, our trend antenna is always switched on 24/7. Ensuring that we find innovations in a timely manner, whose potential uses we then examine and analyse in depth for our work.


Our working methods are innovative, honest and robust

Anyone intending to enhance their corporate values needs to already have human values onboard. Here at HQ, we have an abundance of these values deeply embedded in our work. Whether a concrete project is being considered, or new learning and development or communication methods and modules are being explored and advanced, the working approach we take is robust, innovative, demanding, honest, consultative, on a partnership of equals’ level – and with complete pride in the results. And that for more than two decades now. We work with utmost passion and joy – because we love what we do.


Our mission: To reach out and do even better

Only when people successfully internalise their specialist areas, aims and content, are they capable of making their impacts contribute to the success of your company. And in order to do so, not only must your content be able to reach its target, but do so well.