Interactive – dialogic learning for today

Welcome to the 21st century. Static communications are a thing of the past. More than ever both today and in the future, people are calling for specialist areas to be conveyed to them in a "dialogic" way. With the magical keyword here being – interaction. Click on the right image and experience our emagazine in responsive design.

Enhanced learning through "experiencing"

As an "interactive first mover" in the learning and development segment, since day one HQ has conceived, planned and designed interactive strategies for all standard digital channels, such as e.g.:

  • Microsites
  • Websites
  • Web Based Trainings
  • eMagazines

The mobile first approach and responsive design play a fundamental role in our considerations here. With the result that specialist areas are experienced on a completely new multimedia level in our interactive learning programs. And that with an accompanying presenter or visually underscored using graphics, animated sequences or charts in the videos.

Interactive and innovative

Fact: Interaction increases the motivation to learn – by a clear margin. And this is exactly why we develop our innovative interaction learning media and creative communication solutions. In order to make information and knowledge a real, living experience and to convey this even better and in a more sustainable way than ever before.

We are also happy to support you in the development of interactive tools to convey your knowledge and information. Please contact us directly.

We are delighted to meet you.

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