Moving people with moving images

With the relevance of the moving-image medium ever growing, the era of clarity is upon us here at HQ. Taking your aims and wishes as our basis, we develop brilliant moving-image concepts and transform them into crystal-clear visual sequences: Whether these are created in the form of an animated film, teaser, short film, trailer or explainer video – this is decided solely on the basis of your specific aims, and not by us. But for that, the means and resources we recommend always represent the best route to achieving your goals here. The result: sustainable, long-term concepts and plans. With communications that get to the point.

Content'orary Art

Interactive videos, explainer films and learning videos, short films, stop-motion sequences – you can barely tell the difference between them? We can – because for us each moving image format is uniquely different. Each of them is an art form with its own special qualities. And in our hands they become the drivers of quality.

By informing, fascinating and deeply moving your target groups.

Whether you would like to promote your employees’ competencies or communicate your corporate aims: – with us providing the perfect creative touch. Using moving-image formats we transform your specialist areas into a lively experience ready to be grasped and understood. And doing so we move people – towards your aims and goals.

What may we move for you?

Welcome to your explainer-video digital stage: more than just a simple show

Regardless of whether you are intending to create a large-scale show with a virtual camera in 3D or a low-key event on a virtual stage, juggle words in a filmic topography or capture your target group audiences with animated illustrations – HQ provides everything you need to conquer the moving-image dancefloors of this world. With all of the formats required in our portfolio, from marketing videos to explainer films through to user training formats – we have everything you need for your show, performance or event.

  • Website teaser film

    Our website teasers are the perfect "red carpet" launch for your new internet presence – thanks to their uncomplicated production and sustainable impact.

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  • Stichwort 2
  • Stichwort 3
  • Stichwort 4
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  • User training formats

    Need to bring some complex facts to the point? Together, we transform the most demanding specialist subjects and areas into more than just a simple show.

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  • "All-in" popup stage

    The stage is yours. Tell your background and corporate history in a lively, entertaining manner on our virtual stage. With no limits set on our shared creativity.

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  • "Handball" popup stage

    A handball may be a foul in football, but it is the key to success in this HQ video format. Let a freely-moving hand guide your characters through their roles.

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  • Explainer film = marketing²

    Transport your target groups into the moving-image world of your company, designed and shaped by you. Using illustrations, animated sequences and real images to show who you are.

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  • Reality meets animation

    Enhance your virtual popup-stage explainer videos by adding real elements. Amaze your viewers by combining animated and real sequences. Add seven to ten more words here!

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  • Whiteboard painting

    Our latest innovation: Take the visualisation qualities of a whiteboard, combine them with 2D animation sequences and your content gains a new lease of life and enhanced relevance.

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  • Tool promotion

    You have products that need explaining or are planning a comprehensive introduction of new tools? With annotated product videos, you ensure that no question remain unanswered.

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  • Explainer videos – as typography

    Use the power of words with the animated typography sequences from HQ. Let your specialist terms and definitions speak for themselves in a top-quality short film.

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  • "Evergreen" stop-motion animation

    With a composition of drawings, hand movements and an off-screen narrator, we bring the facts that count for you to the point – concisely.

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  • "Individual" stop-motion animation

    Immerse your explainer video together with all of its players in your corporate colours and create an even more powerful recognition value.

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  • Tool promotion – with the HQ Case Producer

    A combination of compositing, greenscreens and vector graphics transforms your explainer film into an experience that leaves a lasting impression.

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  • Real film sequences

    Raise your explainer video up to the next level. Use professional actors to underscore the information you want to convey or address your target groups on a personal level.

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  • Interactive film

    You can address you target groups on an even more individual level by permitting the viewers themselves to co-decide how the storyline continues.

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Our workflow for your moving-image format

As experienced project managers, we are your contact person for all the moving-image challenges in your company. Our explainer film experts can look back on a wide array of experience gained in a range of mutual projects, permitting them to work in close cooperation with you as they determine the ideal product for your requirements. The details relating to the content, optics and technical aspects are defined in personal meetings with you, thus ensuring that in the end: An explainer video is created and produced that fulfils your wishes.


The right mov(i)e

The Hollywood dream factory beckons whenever we develop top-class screenplays and storyboards with interactive media concepts or moving image sequences full of energy and passion for your L&D and communication measures.


And action!

In order to ensure authentic production of our screenplays and storyboards, our highly experienced minds and hands become directly involved in the process. And breathe creative life into the words and images with their array of fascinating ideas: By conjuring up graphics, shooting the footage, completing the production and composing the matching soundscapes. Full of life and energy as they recreate the central theme in each screenplay – in line with the directions provided.

Our hands-on method here permits us to already present the first film prototypes to you soon after shooting begins. Which are not intended as a final result, but as a clip that lets you see clearly where this creative journey is taking us. And they provide a perfect impression of what the final piece will look like, while demonstrating our skills and capabilities in this field. The goal we always aim to reach: No time for you to doze off as our work makes your hearts and minds soar with joy.


The showdown

Last but not least, all of the graphics, video sequences and sound recordings are merged together in the final virtuoso production phase. Until the perfect arrangement in the form of a beta version is ready that we can back with all our hearts. Then, after providing and implementing your feedback on this version, we produce the final "master", a result that is masterful without exception.

Short and sweet: Whatever you are planning – we have the mov(i)es for it.